Aligarh gesture of communal amity
Uttar Pradesh

Aligarh gesture of communal amity

Agency News

A Muslim community in Aligarh offered milk, food, and medicines to Kanwar yatris on Sunday as a gesture of communal unity in the UP city.

The unity drive was organised by Amanullah Khan at Sasni gate crossing in Aligarh where hundreds of Kanwariyas have set up makeshift camps. 'I have been organizing this camp during Mahashivratri for the last five years to serve Kanwariyas. Bhole ji gave me this opportunity to serve and I am doing it,'Mr. Khan said.

‘Hindu brothers also keep fast during Ramzan. This is a message for everyone that we all Hindus and Muslims are one. We don't discriminate. We also celebrate Hindu festivals,' he added.

Mr. Khan said Hindu communities in Aligarh not only celebrate Eid but also observe fast during Ramzan. He and his family members have been serving Kanwar yatris for almost 5 years now.