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No need of bifurcation of UP: Rajnath

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Lucknow, Dec 23: Two days after BJP law makers from Bundelkhand raised a demand for creation of a separate state in the just concluded winter session of the state legislature, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh ruled out further division of Uttar Pradesh saying it is not required.

“There is no need to further divide Uttar Pradesh into separate states. This state has dearth of resources. It can take care of its needs,” Mr Singh said in Gaurav Samman function here on Sunday.

He said that people say that if UP is divided into four parts it can progress better. "I question them as tomorrow they might come with an argument that divide country in different parts and it will progress better. Should we accept that?", he questioned.

“A unified Uttar Pradesh has strength within itself. This state has no dearth of resources. The state has potential to generate employment and lead India to a better future,” he said adding that population of Uttar Pradesh is real strength and we should find technology to utilize it.

On Friday all the BJP legislators from Bundelkhand demanded creation of separate state creating a flutter in the state assembly. The legislators said that the region was deprived of basic facilities and unless a separate state is carved out it will not progress.

The demand however was rejected by the Government and subsequently by the Speaker Hriday Narain Dixit.

Mr Singh, who is MP from Lucknow, said there is no need for carving out Bundelkhand from Uttar Pradesh.

“The local legislators might have raised this issue in the state assembly but there is no need to get alarmed by this demand,” he said.

Incidentally, when Rajnath Singh was Chief Minister of UP in 2000 Uttarakhand was carved out of UP. The same time two more states Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh were created.

Incidentally, BJP has always advocated creation of smaller states saying it is easier for them to govern these states.

There is a demand for splitting Uttar Pradesh into Harit Pradesh (western UP), Poorvanchal (eastern UP), Bundelkhand and Awadh. BSP chief Mayawati has supported this demand.

Earlier, Mr Singh honoured prominent personalities of the state in the Gaurav Samman sammelan held here. He said these awards are true recognition of the work they have done for the welfare of the society. (UNI)