Azam castigates Yogi over his reported statement on God Hanuman as dalit
Uttar Pradesh

Azam castigates Yogi over his reported statement on God Hanuman as dalit

Agency News

Moradabad, Dec 1 : Senior Samajwadi Party national general secretary and former Uttar Pradesh minister Mohammad Azam Khan castigated chief minister Yogi Adityanath over his reported statement that God Hamunam was a dalit.

" I don't know what to say on the issue. Whether I should laugh or cry. I think now the UP CM has turned into a historian," he commented.

The SP leader further commenting on the CM said ' it seems Yogiji has done PhD from Oxford or Cambridge Universities or has done it from Nalanda university and his statement should be accepted.'

Khan who was attending a meeting of the party workers here at the district office on Friday evening, while talking to media, said that now the CM should say the dalit caste which God Hanuman belonged as there are several sections of the dalits." These BJP leaders always trying to create controversy over their God and Goddess. A senior BJP leader of the state had earlier said that Goddess Sita was the first test tube baby of the universe," he added.

Khan also said ," Some BJP leaders during the assembly election campaigning had commented at the time of Lok Sabha polls Muslims will turn Ravan in the country".

" We don't have any objection on this Ravan station. It is said that after killing Raavan, Lord Ram had said to his brother Laxman to go and get ' Diksha' from Ravan, which shows how great and Mahapandit was the Lanka king at that time", he said while adding that it only proves that Muslims are too great like Ravan.

When asked that the UP government has restricted use of marriage halls and guest house in Prayagraj during Kumbh Mela from January next, the former state minister joked that the government could bring a new law that no children could be born or no one can die during the Kumbh.

He claimed that Kumbh was organised in the past too but this time as elections are nearer hence such order is being passed for political reasons when the government has failed to fulfill any promises made to the people.(UNI)