Pishachini Mukhti Puja
Uttar Pradesh

Pishachini Mukhti Puja


In these days of Congress Mukht Bharat and Vipaksh Mukht Bharat in democratic India another mukht call has come from Varanasi: Men performed a ritual to get rid of negative energy left behind by ex wives and ‘shraadh’ for their present and living wives!

Around 150 men took a dip in Ganges and performed the last rites of marital relations. Reason: Frustrated with toxic feminism that was destroying their families. That is how the men’s right group ‘Save Indian Family Foundation’ [SIFF] celebrated their 10th anniversary reported a national news channel.

The event which took place last week in Varanasi was a cathartic way for these men to free themselves of their relationship baggage according to men’s rights activist Amit Deshpande. During the ceremony he even asked them to perform ‘pind daan’ of their marital baggage.

According to Anupam Dubey, one of the organizers, there is today a bias against men and feminism has become corrupted and in many cases responsible for the breakup of families.

Rajesh Vakharia, one of the founding members of SIFF said that he was motivated to set up this organization because of his personal experience where he was detained for 5 days after his ex wife filed a complaint under Section 498 A.