Development soars amidst pandemic: Model Village winds up activities

Development soars amidst pandemic: Model Village winds up activities

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Ambassa(Tripura), May 23 : Amidst the pandemic of COVID-19 when lockdown has almost stranded all activities, the remote model village of Chulubari gram panchayat under Durga Chowmuhani Block in the northern Tripura district of Dhalai scripts a different saga of development maintaining norms of social distancing and hygiene here. Chulubari is a scheduled caste dominated panchayat with 3334 scheduled caste people among a total population of 4155.

The panchayat with its fertile soil, uneven topography and toiling people scales up the agrarian and allied activities. In the 2020-21 fiscal year six water bodies are dug up whereas 15 pineapple plantations, 4 betel nut plantations and one lemon plantation have assured economic sustainability to a great extent. Besides, infrastructure development also continues as thousand metres of rural roads are brick soiled. One of the villagers Sridam Das remarks, "Our road was kutcha and for this we had to suffer a lot during the rainy season. But this time the panchayat has laid bricks on our road and we have worked maintaining social distance, using masks and washing our hands again and again".

Another local youth Rathindra Das said, "The panchayat has dug a water body for me. I have already started fish production. It will help me to be stable. I want to convey my thanks to the governments and the panchayat". Secretary of the panchayat Harichandra Majumder informs, "As lock down binds us with some regulations we have decided to continue development abiding by the rules. And in this way we are moving forward. The panchayat body as well as the villagers are also cooperating with us". The Pradhan(Village Headman) Kanchanbala Das said they are determined to boost the economic sustainability for the villagers which is the main motto of a model village. Actually, the panchayat of Chulubari sets a blazing example of indomitable spirit for development surpassing all odds truly like a model village. (UNI)