COVID fight: ‘No Mask No Fuel’ practices in Tripura

COVID fight: ‘No Mask No Fuel’ practices in Tripura

Agency News

Agartala, Apr 19 : After notifying wearing of face mask must for all in public places by Tripura government with the decision of central government to fight against the spread of Covid-19, a petrol pump here in the city announced not to sell fuel if driver of the vehicle doesn't wear a mask.

Tripura Petroleum Dealers Association while appreciating the move to fight coronavirus called for replicating the model across the state including LPG and CNG stations.

Since social distancing and personal protection from the pandemic are only options left for the common people to prevent Covid-19, not only the fuel stations or grocery shops,

all other utility service providers across the country need to follow the same norms, an association member urged.

“The petrol pumps and other fueling stations of the state soon to deny refilling fuel to those not wearing a face cover or mask. One of the busiest fuel dispensing depots erect the board - No Mask No Petrol, as a precautionary measure to stop not only Covid, also the diseases spread through droplet infection,” he said.

He, however, pointed out that All India Petroleum Dealers Association has also launched a campaign asking all its members to place ‘No Mask No Fuel’ to the customers. Similarly states like Maharashtra, West Bengal have placed such placards in all of their fueling

stations and have been sensitizing their customers before entering into the stations, the same would be followed here. (UNI)