Lockdown situation followed strictly in Tripura district

Lockdown situation followed strictly in Tripura district

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Udaipur, Mar 25 : The police administration and the general administration are monitoring the lockdown situation here in Tripura. Lacky Chowhan, Superintendent of Police in Gomati District of Tripura said, “We are taking all efforts from our end regarding awareness and preventive measures. Stay at home. Be safe”.

According to the order of government of Tripura, the lockdown situation is being followed here in the state of Tripura and the police persons are doing their duty in order to maintain the lockdown situation in the state. The police are doing inspection on the road and monitoring the lockdown situation, said C.K Jamatiya, a police constable. Dr. T.K Debnath, DM & Collector of Gomati District has visited the local market in view to investigate the market stall because there is a situation in the market where the products are selling with high price and created artificial shortage of goods by the sellers in the market.

After inspecting the market, DM & Collector has given orders to all the sellers in order to sell their product at normal rate. All the sellers are being directed by the DM & Collector of Gomati District to display the rate chart in front of their shop. If there is any situation of black marketing, the administration will take action against them. About 345 numbers shops are here in Udaipur and the city Udaipur is the old capital city of Tripura.

The administration has taken all the initiatives in order to control the entire situation, said the official source of Gomati District Administration. The high officials of Gomati District administration in Tripura have informed that the situation is still good and the monitoring is going on here and there to maintain the lockdown condition owing to Coronavirus. (UNI)