Newborn sold at Rs 5000: BJP govt defaced in Tripura

Newborn sold at Rs 5000: BJP govt defaced in Tripura


Agartala, March 4: The BJP-IPFT government in Tripura defaced after an enquiry into the alleged selling of a month old child by poverty hit parents of Dhatucherra village of Kailashahar in Unokoti district who was rescued in a joint operation of police and Tripura State Child Protection Commission.

Despite confession of selling the newborn by the accused father police has not yet the registered formal case against him rather OC of Kailashahar police station Partha Munda argued that the baby was given away to a close family of the parents but was not sold. Soon after the rescue of the child, the authorities have handed over him to the parents. Meantime, on Tuesday evening a group of people severely beaten up the accused father Swapan Balmiki Das for selling out the baby and allegedly threatened to kill him if he narrates the sufferings and crisis of his family to others.

The senior Congress leader and former PCC president Birjit Sinha met with district magistrate demanding adequate financial support to the family and treatment of the mother who has been suffering from a psychological disorder. Sinha alleged Swapan has been facing tremendous hardship for the past few months and after the birth of their fourth child, the couple became helpless for his survival.

“Swapan was not given a single day work in the last two years under MGNREGA. He lived in a plot of land of another person in the worker's colony of Natingcherra tea estate and as a result, he has no option to manage daily wage even. Somehow he was managing days for his wife and three children but after the birth of the fourth one, the couple did find no option but sold the child,” Sinha stated.

Accusing Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb, Sinha said public money meant for the development of poor people has been siphoned off through outside contractors and local people become poor day by day. The sufferings of Swapan’s family are not the only one case, every village of Tripura today is facing the same problem and the Chief Minister has been making a tall statement fooling the common people.

Why police not register a case against Swapan if he was not compelled to sell the baby and how can it be justified that parents have given away their newborn easily to another couple? Sinha questioned added that in all three earlier cases of baby-selling had the same circumstances behind but the government cooked stories at their convenience. According to reports, Swapan Balmiki Das of Dhatucherra of Kailashahar had sold his month old son to childless couple Anufa Begam and Sohel Alam of Kailashahar against the payment of Rs 5,000 cash and four sarees.

The baby was born to the poverty-stricken Balmiki family on January 13 this year. Swapan Balmiki, a daily wage earner told media that they found it hard to have one more child in the family and he decided to ‘sell’ his child to a well-off couple for some immediate cash and a bright future.

The cash was needed to overcome the medication expenses of his wife who was still undergoing the health complications of post-pregnancy. Swapan said the decision of selling the new-born was reached to Anufa Begum’s mother Sefarena Bibi; a resident of the adjoining village and she had conveyed their willingness to accept the boy. Her son Anufa had got married to Sohel for the last eight years but they did not have any child even after undergoing expensive treatment. The deal was finalised mutually and the newborn boy was brought to their home on February 14 last.

Swapan also confessed that he had; indeed, sold his child as for cash he had no other choice. For the last one and half years or so Swapan failed to secure a permanent job for him. Earlier, he used to work for the forest department but for some time the department stopped the work and he was left jobless. (UNI)