Homeless Bangalees lash out at Tripura governor

Homeless Bangalees lash out at Tripura governor

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Agartala, Feb 17: The homeless non-tribals of Ananda Bazar area of Kanchanpur in North Tripura criticized governor Ramesh Bais for ignoring them during his two day-long visit in hill station Jampui, about 35 kilometres from their camps.

Following the alleged victim of Mizoram’s displaced Brus attack and destruction of houses during anti-CAA on December 10 last year, as many as 416 people from 93 Bengali families took shelter in Ananda Bazar police station for the past 70 days.

Meantime, Tripura government agreed to rehabilitate 34,000 Brus of Mizoram here with a lucrative package have fueled up the agitation of homeless families who opposed Bru settlement in Kanchanpur area and demanded exact package for the non-tribal victims. However, the state government did not respond positively yet and Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb also did not meet them in his last visit.

After continuous persuasions and pressure from the opposition parties, the state government has started providing cash support of Rs 7.80 per person per day, which is not sufficient for managing their livelihood. As many as 40 persons in the makeshift camp inside the police station have fallen ill due to starvation and facing the adverse weather but they were not provided proper medical services.

The Nagarik Suraksha Manch (NSM), platform of non-tribals however, extended support to the families but it was also not sufficient for their survival. The victim families have been demanding rehabilitation package, proper security, and legal action against the Bru accused involved in the attack and instigating communal violence and Mr Deb had also agreed to provide Rs 5 lakh package for each family.

Meanwhile, Governor Ramesh Bais went to picturesque Jampui hill visit to explore the natural beauty but did not meet Bangali homeless families despite knowing the sufferings and volatile situation of Kanchanpur. The entire administration had spent two days to organise events and programs for leisure and entertainment of the governor.

A huge amount of money was spent to make the visit memorable while homeless families were spending cold nights under open sky with no food that enraged the citizens of North Tripura. To manage the situation, deputy speaker Biswa Bandhu Sen yesterday had gone there and met with the families and requested them to go back to the village believing the assurance of chief minister.

“We refused his proposal forthwith and requested him to implement the commitment of the chief minister leaving aside their politics with the innocent mind. How can the chief minister meet only one community when there is a breach of communal harmony? How the governor can go for a pleasure trip to the place where a large number of people are camping under open sky without proper food and medication following communal violence?” questioned Kanailal Debnath, one of the homeless families.

He alleged that Biplab Kumar Deb government has been playing against communal harmony and the government doesn’t have minimum sympathy to the non-tribals. The government did not have any action plan to return the families to the village who had to leave their ancestral houses following Brus attack and none of the accused was arrested so far. (UNI)