9 Hindu Bangladeshi sent to jail

9 Hindu Bangladeshi sent to jail

Agency News

Agartala, Feb 11: A local court of West Tripura sent nine Hindu Bangladeshi nationals including women and children to jail today for illegal entry into Indian Territory.

This is the first case of Hindu detention in Tripura after implementation of Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA).

Police said the Bangladeshi nationals entered into India without passports, but one Aadhaar card with address of Silchar, Assam has recovered from their possession. According to report, the detainees confessed that they have some link with Silchar and they were entered India a group to get the benefit of CAA as persecuted Hindu minority in Bangladesh.

Police said they had crossed the border in the broad daylight through wire fencing in bordering Mutai village under Sidhai police station of Mohanpur in West Tripura. The villagers detained them and handed over to police. All the detainees claimed that they paid money to the middleman for crossing them into India avoiding BSF eyes.

They have been identified as Bakul Das (30), Putul Das (70), Anil Das (70), Ranjan Das (44), Ranika Das (7), Susmita Das (20), Rima Das (14), Minu Das (45) and Nakul Das, all are the residents of Syllet and Cox Bazar districts of Bangladesh. Three of them revealed their destinations in Tripura while five were going to West Bengal and one was on the way to Silchar.

The detainees claimed that they have their relatives in respective places where they had planned to settle taking the advantage of CAA. However, police confirmed that they did not have any ill intention except to settle in India. They were booked under Passport Act and court sent them to jail. (UNI)