Manik Sarkar accuses Tripura police of playing a partisan role

Manik Sarkar accuses Tripura police of playing a partisan role

Agency News

Agartala, Dec 28: Former Tripura chief minister and CPI (M) politburo member Manik Sarkar in a letter to Director General of Police (DGP) charged the police with taking a partisan role in maintaining law and order and working directly for ruling BJP.

Justifying his claim, Sarkar alleged that CPI (M) took out a protest march against CAA and NRC on December 18 last in Belonia town in South Tripura with proper permission but they were attacked by BJP supporters and many of his party workers and some uniformed police personnel including a lady police officer were injured. “Surprisingly, police has lodged a case implicating those who were attacked and had sustained injuries. Some of them have been arrested and put behind bars, which indicates the partisan role of police in maintaining law and order,” Sarkar alleged.

He further alleged that a similar rally was taken out on December 24 last at Udaipur in Gomati District against the detrimental policy of privatization of public sectors undertaking, NRC and CAA with prior permission. A group of BJP supporters had attempted to prevent it but failed. Later, about 40/50 strong group of BJP supporters attacked the public meeting and a number of CPI (M) workers including MLA and State Secretariat Member of CPI (M) Ratan Bhowmik, security personnel of Ratan Bhowmik and former MLA Madhab Saha were injured. The atrocities and attack on CPI (M) supporters continued till next day including vandalizing of party offices at different localities, Sarkar alleged saying from these two incidents it was evident that the law and order in Tripura had broken down.

“Question comes how in broad day light and in presence of police, CPI(M) workers and supporters while exercising their democratic right of protest could be attacked and why did the police not prevent them from mobilizing with diabolic motive of attack on the protest demonstration of a national political party?” he asked. “Was there tacit indulgence with the attackers by a section of police officers? Question has also been raised while demonstrators were attacked, why did the police not act duly to prevent the attackers? The people have started passing comments that the police have been failing to play their impartial role and maintain law and order,” Sarkar mentioned in the letter to DGP A K Shukla. He sent the copy of the letter to Chief Secretary too seeking action to stop political terror, attack on the opposition political parties, their workers-supporters by ruling party supporters and bring back peace, tranquility in the state, the police should act firmly and impartially, to take care so that the people should not be barred to exercise their democratic right including right to protest and those who attacked the CPI(M) demonstrations in Belonia and Udaipur should be booked and apprehended without delay. (UNI)