Tripura BJP MLA calls for rally to highlight crime against women, exposes dissidence in ruling party

Tripura BJP MLA calls for rally to highlight crime against women, exposes dissidence in ruling party

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Agartala, Dec 23: Dissidence in ruling BJP of Tripura has been exposed further after former health minister and ruling party MLA Sudip Roybarman called for a rally on January 3 next in the city to protest against the increasing incidents of crime against women in the state.

Calling the rally as an apolitical move to sensitize the society as a whole, Roybarman invited people across sections of society in an open letter, in which he claimed to have the support of a "good number" of BJP MLAs for his endeavour.

The BJP has taken Roybarman's rally as an exception to appropriate conduct and warned it’s supporters in social media not to join the program.

The BJP leaders have considered Roybarman's initiative as a direct challenge against the government, and, reportedly, the party state secretariat has issued directions to all the Mandals (the lowest unit of party organisation) to prevent people from participating in such a rally.

Meanwhile, apart from Sudip Roybarman, several other BJP MLAs have taken it on themselves to make the event successful. However, neither Roybarman nor any top office bearer of BJP state committee agreed to make any comment on the development and said that the party is united against Congress and CPI (M).

According to Sudip’s supporters, there has not been any improvement in law and order, especially crime on women during the BJP’s rule for the last 22 months and alleged, “Everyday, on an average five women related crime are recorded with police and equal number of such crime goes unreported, which is worst than the left front regime. Police does not consider any complaint unless it comes from the Chief Minister’s office and even the complaints and requests from the ruling party leaders, MLAs and the ministers are ignored.”

He alleged that because of anarchy at the top level of the party as well as in the government, ministers and MLAs have become hostile and openly started criticizing the administration, which is stimulating the left front. Besides, the employment situation and economic crisis in the state, the people of Tripura are deprived of basic medical facilities and other emergency services.

Meanwhile, BJP state secretary Tapas Majumder in a facebook post today, without naming Roybarman, warned, "The people who are BJP, will not respond to the call of this leader. Those who respond they will not be allowed to carry the saffron flag anymore.”

The post has been shared among different groups but Majumder declined to elaborate his intention and decision of the party on the issue.

According to reports, the state government might not allow the rally and the gathering as scheduled.

However, team Sudip asserted that they are targeting at least 15000 people from different segments of the society, including top BJP leaders in the rally, to make people and police aware about the crimes against women. (UNI)