Tripura CJ emphasis on establishing rule of law

Tripura CJ emphasis on establishing rule of law

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Agartala, Nov 27 : Highlighting the success of Indian judiciary, Chief Justice of the High Court of Tripura, Akil Abdulhamid Kureshi laid emphasis on the rule of law in the society.

Addressing a colloquium on Social Liberty: A dream fulfilled? organized by Tripura High Court Bar association and Tripura state legal service authority as part of the celebration of Constitution day yesterday Justice Kureshi said the country had made substantial progress in the field of social liberty but still there are many things to think upon.

“Can we claim that the untouchability have been abolished from the society? Can we claim that we have succeeded to establish a classless society ensuring equality? Are we succeeded to fully redeem our pledge of giving social, political and economic justice for all?” he asked, adding that 70 years was a very small fist of time to judge the ultimately trajectory of a nation but the country had made substantial progress in the field of social liberty.

Referring to a range of Supreme Court cases, he said that there were numerous cases in the courts across the nation, which further set new landmarks in dealing with social liberty and sharply criticized the emergency period. “Before dawn comes the darkest hour” he continued, internal emergency has been declared the fundamental rights of people stand suspended, but, the judiciary continued its work and delivered landmark verdicts at that period of time.

Referring to Justice HR Khanna, he told the gathering that despite facing a “very assertive executive” justice Khanna wrote his verdict very “courageously” on the rights of life and liberty. He also referred to a few specific cases—“Bandhua Mukti Morcha”, “Menaka Gandhi” and “Hussainara Khatun” where the Court took exceptional steps to ensure the social liberty despite being confronted by the “executive”.

He also stressed on the limitations and prospective implications of the laws in public life in order to ensure the said topic of the colloquium with in-depth explanations of Article 14, 21 and the relevant ones accordingly.

Besides, Chief justice, Justice Subhashis Talapatra, Justice Arindam Lodh and Advocate General Arun Kanti Bhowmik addressed the gathering. (UNI)