Alarming number of students in Dhalai fall prey to addiction

Alarming number of students in Dhalai fall prey to addiction

Agency News

Ambassa (Tripura), June 19: The inclination of the students community towards addiction is turning out to be alarmingly dangerous in different areas in the northern Tripura district of Dhalai.

Recently, during the last one year or so, the BJP led state government is fighting a total war against addiction. And the main aim of this fight is to make the youths and students free from any sort of addiction. But quite advertently, the students community is slowly submerging into the pool of odourless and costly addiction like brown sugar, as is claimed by the students and guardians from different areas.

One of the teachers from bordering Gandacharra identified as Ratanmani Tripura informs, "It is very concerning that students of higher classes as well as kids from classes 6 to 8 are also found in the spell of addiction. And they even dare to attend the school in that condition".

The Chairman of School Monitoring Committee of Durai Shibbari High School in the bordering subdivision of Kamalpur Govinda Debnath has alleged, "The students from Manipuri Muslim community are increasingly coming under the grip of addiction. Recently, when the school has been observing Chwarai Kaham and respected dignitaries have been present in the schools, some eight to ten students from the community tried to enter the school without uniform in addicted condition".

The same scenario is prevailing in Muslim dominated Ganganagar village where the outsiders are supplying the school students with materials like brown sugar. In the subdivisions like Ambassa also the students are becoming prey to addiction in a large scale. And the teachers and guardians are now in great dilemma to sort out this menace.

However, experts are of the opinion that such a situation can be handled with collective efforts from guardians, students and administration as well as wide awareness among the students.(UNI)