Lightening claimed a boy, Bison killed two in Tripura

Lightening claimed a boy, Bison killed two in Tripura

Agency News

Agartala, Apr 8: Lightening of Norwester in pre-monsoon claimed the life of a 14 years old tribal boy identified as Mangsaizo Mog yesterday at remote Paticherra village.
The boy was struck by a powerful lightning when he was at home and collapsed in the morning. After being taken to the local hospital the boy was declared brought dead. This is the second death case of Norwester this year so far, which has been ravaged over past one week across Tripura and caused a huge damage of property as well as agricultural produces.

In another incident, two farmers died after being attacked by Bison at Gabtala and Durgapur areas, close of Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary in South Tripura that sparked off serious resentment among the villagers. According to report, Srikrishna Das (70) of Gabatali area went to work in his farmland adjacent to the sanctuary. Suddenly, a full-grown bison attacked him and killed him on the spot.

Another 65 -year old farmer was identified as Haripada Shil was killed by Bison only two days ago in Durgapur when he was passing through the road. The Bison attacked him and later he was found half dead with multiple injuries and shifted to local hospital where he was declared dead. (UNI)