Countdown of Modi govt started: Yechury

Countdown of Modi govt started: Yechury

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Agartala, Apr 6 : Seeking vote for left front candidates in both the Loksabha seats of Tripura, CPI (M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury here today asserted that countdown of Modi led government has started, as people of the country decided to change the government for saving India.

Lashed out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said despite tall claims there was 173 per cent hike of terrorist attacks in India during last five year. After Uri it was said that backbone of terrorists were broken then country witnessed Pulwama. Then strike in Balakot triggered confusion with the statement of Modi’s minister.

“Someone said Balakot killed 450 terrorists and other minister said there was zero causality. When entire opposition stands with the government to fight against terrorism BJP and RSS have started playing politics. We believe interest of the country is first and this election will reflect the same and down fall of Modi is certain,” Yechury stated.

He said, the whole country is on the move to end up Modi’s regime but who will be the replacement of Narendra Modi is not important at the moment. “India has history from 1977 when Indira Gandhi was elected as Prime Minister after election; same was with V P Singh to Monmohan Singh. So, Prime Minister of anti-BJP alliance will be decided only after elections,” Yechury maintained.

He however, equated present ruling party and opposition as Kaurava and Pandava of epic Mahabharata.

“When Kurukshetra battle was started between five Pandavas and 100 Kouravas, everybody thought Kouravas will win as they were big in number like today’s BJP who claims largest party of the world. In Kouravas we find two characters – Durjadhan and Dusmshashan but all other 98 brothers did not have any role and presence in whole epic like two characters of Modi and Amit Shah. But ultimately, Pandavas won the battle, which is going to be repeated in 2019 general elections,” he stated.

A suffocating kind of situation has been created in the country during the Narendra Modi and Amit Shah regime in which secularism and self governed bodies came under attack, he alleged adding that the saffron party has been working for the interest of capitalists at the cost of suffering of down trodden people- farmers, poor, unemployed youths and small traders.

Beating drums of first UPA government in 2004, Yechury claimed only because of left parties Congress had to move for Right to Information Act, Right Rural Employment Guarantee Act, Right to Compulsory Education and Forest Right Act, those brought revolution in commoners’ life but in Modi’s rule such Acts were also violated. (UNI)