Doctors’ body of Tripura issue 24 hrs ultimatums to arrest BJP leader

Doctors’ body of Tripura issue 24 hrs ultimatums to arrest BJP leader

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Agartala, Apl 5 : All Tripura Government Doctors’ Association (ATGDA) and Indian Medical Association (IMA) Tripura chapter issued 24 hours ultimatum to arrest BJP Mandal president of Sabroom in south Tripura Arjun Debnath who has been accused of assaulting an on duty doctor and thrown shoes on him.

Addressing media here today the doctor bodies’ alleged as many as nine attacks on medicos have been reported in past one year in Tripura but there was no exemplary punishment awarded to the perpetrators. Despite there is an Act to prevent doctors from violence in hospitals and health institutions, there is no change in the situation and still doctors were the main target.

“Since there is no strong action against the attackers of doctors, a common psychology has developed in the society that patients in the hospital died only due to failure of the doctors; hence assault on the doctor is the immediate remedy. Neither government nor the society took strong stand against the notion. None of the offender is punished so far in the state,” alleged an ATGDA official.

He further alleged always the offenders in hospital or no the doctors got political shelter and even after registering specific criminal case police did not take any action, which they believed encouraging such crimes day by day.

“We shall go for massive movement unless Debnath is arrested immediately,” he mentioned.

According to report, Dr Dipal Mitra of Srinagar Primary health centre of Sabroom was thrown shoes and assaulted by Sabroom BJP Mandal President Arjun Debnath on April 1 last. When Dr Mitra and one of his colleagues Dr Ayan Bhattacharjee were sitting in the outdoor, accused Debnath had gone straight inside and abused the on duty doctors.

Dr Mitra protested the unwarranted entry inside the chamber and misbehaving the doctors; Debnath went violent and assaulted him in front of others. At a stage, the accused leader used his shoes on the doctor labeling charge of dishonouring him in the public place. Debnath alleged that the doctor was indecent to him when he was asking about a patient.

Immediately, after the incident the victim doctor informed it to sub-divisional medical officer followed by which a specific complaint has been lodged with police. The Officer-in-charge (OC) of Sabroom police station met the victim doctor but did not register FIR against the accused leader, in-charge of the hospital Dr Pritam Das stated. (UNI)