Initiatives to make Tripura self-sufficient in fish production: Dy CM

Initiatives to make Tripura self-sufficient in fish production: Dy CM

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Udaipur, Mar 09: Tripura Deputy Chief Minister Jishnu Debbarma has said that a number of initiatives have been taken to make the state self-sufficient in fish production.

Mr Debbarma in the state budget has stated that fish and fish products are major constituent of the diet for 95 per cent populace. The state is currently importing over 20,000 MT of fish every year, valued at about Rs 400 crores, from other States and Bangladesh.

A high-value fish ‘Pengba’ has been introduced. During the coming year, the Government will focus on production of high-yielding indigenous species like Pabda, Chital, Tengra, etc., for promotion of culture of GIFT Tilapia, Pangus, etc. in addition to carps, developing Dumbur reservoir and increasing its productivity with the help of modern tools, development of infrastructure facilities like pisciculture knowledge centers, hatcheries, etc. Pond Health Cards will be provided to fish farmers.

The Directorate of Economics & Statistics Planning (Statistics) Department, Government of Tripura, in a report said total fish production in the State was 77,227.69 MT in 2017-18 (Provisional). It was 68,331.14 MT in 2016-17 and 69,055 MT in 2015-16. Necessary stress was being given to raise fish seeds by adopting hypophysation technique, as there was no reverine and other sources in the State for collection of fish seed, the report stated.

According to the report of Fishery department, Government of Tripura, freshwater fishes forms an important food item as it is a cheap source of nutrition for human beings, and a reliable source of income and livelihood to nearly 1, 94,780 of Tripura. It is a fact that more than 95 per cent of its populace has fish in their daily diet.

In this regard the role of Fisheries Department of Tripura towards meeting the food security of State’s population assumes greater significance. The per capita consumption of fish in the State with 18.91 Kg. is reported to be highest among the inland States of the country. The State has made considerable achievements with regard to carp seed production. Presently, Tripura is surplus in fish seed production. This is the first state in the North East to produce seed of fresh water prawn in artificial sea water on a commercial scale and prawn production is expected to be 32.294 MT, added the report published by government of Tripura in the recent economic review of Tripura.