Chief Minister Manik Sarkar won
Chief Minister Manik Sarkar won

Manik Sarkar stands with Naseeruddin Shah

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Agartala, Dec 27: Leader of the opposition and former chief minister of Tripura Manik Sarkar called upon the intellectuals to stand with the statement of veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah to retain unity and integrity of India.

Speaking on an art exhibition here last evening Mr Sarkar observed, “The country is not running well. There is interference and dictation on life, culture, food habit, attire and even in the individual sentiments. India upheld it’s century old tradition of unity in diversity and cohesiveness of socio-cultural multiplicity is the uniqueness of our country but now is threatened.”

Standing on Naseeruddin Shah’s poignant take on the growing atmosphere of intolerance and communal violence, Mr Sarkar opined, “I could not understand why intellectuals are not come out with the support of Shah. He (Naseerudin) rightly sketched the socio-political atmosphere of the country. If everybody observes silence situation will be worst in coming days.”

Without naming any political party or leader Mr Sarkar pointed out that every Indian has got right to follow his religious code and practice the rituals. Food habit and dress are also different among Indians and India is respected for it’s uniqueness in diversity but gradually, those issues have also been getting space in discussion waving out the larger fundamental issues.

Mr Sarkar called upon the people to raise voice against communal violence, interference in personal life and culture, economic set backs, poverty and other basic issues of human life, which have been affecting common Indians. (UNI)