Tripura BJP steps into revamp organisation

Tripura BJP steps into revamp organisation

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Agartala, Dec 1: About nine-month after the formation of government, BJP Tripura state committee has undertaken initiative to revamp the organisation at grassroot level and mobilized the party rank and file for re-starting political activities.

As first step, the party re-organised it's 47,000 page observers (Pristha Pramukh) who had become idle after assembly election and began constituency wise interaction between state level leaders and page observers from today for next 10 days.

“The party has been facing problem after President Biplab Kumar Deb became Chief Minister. The organisational activities of BJP reduced to almost zero and even the party could not even after to counter the opposition’s campaign and allegations of misrule. This has also confidence to the opposition to continue their activities but now we required to re-orient the organisation,” admitted a senior leader of the party.

He said that in next 10 days Chief Minister and other ministers of the party along with the state level leaders would go to each and every constituency and address the page observers till Dec 10 next. They have been given responsibility of making a fresh list of voters with all of their credentials and page observers will be in touch with each one of them on regular interval.

Addressing the kicking off ceremony of page observers’ conference, Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb today said that Pristha Pramukhs are heart of BJP. They have to perform most important responsibility to strengthen the government and the party organization as well as to enhance the social relationship.

However, he cautioned them to be polite and decent in conduct and appearance to reflect the good image of the state government. Describing the Pristha Pramukhs is mirror of the party and the government; to the voters in villages he alerted them not to maintain relation with drug smugglers and mafias.

He advised them to become truthful as history reveals that the honest person triumphs at last.

“I have to come to know that only 2 per cent party leaders are involved in negotiation trade. If the trend continues, it will send a wrong message to the people. Therefore, party leaders must ensure they will not get involved in such illegal business", he said, adding that the party will take stern against those who indulged into crime and corruption.

Referring to opposition Deb observed, CPI (M) leaders and cadres have to be loyal to the party and they always do whatever party wants. As a result, all criminals and anti-socials have got space in CPI (M) and for them party is the main and people are secondary but BJP works in reverse direction.

The Chief Minister claimed that the atrocity on women was a serious concern for the people of Tripura but after the BJP-IPFT government took over the administration, the rate of crime on women reduced less than 40 per cent in last 8 months. Besides, rate of rape on girls reduced to 20 per cent and that on women reduced to 10 per cent. (UNI)