Tripura brings e-rickshaws under regulation

Tripura brings e-rickshaws under regulation

Agartala, Nov 9 : To promote and regulate eco-friendly mode of transportation, Tripura government has decided to implement the complete guideline issued by Road Transport and Highways Ministry in 2016 for e-rickshaw and e-cart, which was adopted by previous left front government but held up for implementation.

Transport Minister Pranajit Singharoy said that the rapid growth of small and personalized vehicles in a small city like Agartala has posed a serious challenge to the administration in management of traffic system where slow moving vehicles like e-carts, e-rickshaw and paddle rickshaws on the busy streets have been creating congestion.

Despite specific direction of High Court and guidelines of the central government, the sate has not been able to formulate regulation strategies including registering the e-rickshaw and paddle rickshaw in the state. They don’t have registration, insurance, road plying specification, load and passenger carrying limitation. As a result, it becomes dangerous for the commuters, pedestrians and create traffic congestion, he said. (UNI)