Thus Spake



  • We will not keep quiet after this pain. We know how to crush terrorism. The scores will be settled this time, settled for good (Iska hisab hoga, hisab poora hoga).

__ Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, after Pulwama attack

  • India is looking at something very strong. And I mean India just lost almost 50 people with an attack. So I could understand that also…We are talking and a lot of people are are talking. But it is a very delicate balance going on right now. There’s a lot of problem between India and Pakistan because of what just happened.

__ Donald Trump, President of USA

  • I understand your enthusiasm…..It is a movement when we should bow down to the heroes of India. From Churu, I want to assure the countrymen that the country is in safe hands.”

__ Narendra Modi when he kick started the Lok Sabha election campaign from Rajasthan, after Balakot bombing.

  • I salute the pilots of the IAF.

__ Rahul Gandhi, Congress President

  • In an intelligence led operation in the early hours of Tuesday (Feb. 26), India struck the biggest camp of JeM in Balakot. In this operation a very large number of JeM terrorists, trainers, senior commanders and groups of Jihadis who were being trained for Fidayeen action, were eliminated. This facility at Balakot was headed by Maulana Yousef Azhar (alias Ustad Ghouri) the brother in law of Masood Azhar, Chief of JeM………….This non-military preemptive action was specifically targeted at the JeM camp. The selection of target was also conditioned by our desire to avoid civilian casualties.

__ Vijay Gokhale, Foreign Secretary

  • The Pakistan Army and the ISI are not the only enemies India has to contend with. Pulwama has given rise to other villains as well this time, lumpen elements in Indian society who kill, maim and lynch their fellow citizens, especially those from J&K.

__ General Shankar Roychowdhury, former Chief of Army staff and a former Member of Parliament, after the Pulwama attack

  • Pakistan’s action today (Feb.27) can escalate to limited war, with a cycle of action-reaction. There would’t be a full scale war but we have to be always prepared.

__ Gen V.P. Malik, former army chief, on Pak F-16s crossing the LOC, shooting down one MiG-21 aircraft capturing Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman and Balakot bombing.

  • We are ready to cooperate in Pulwama investigation, dialogue on terrorism. Better sense should prevail. We should resolve our issues through dialogue.

__ Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan

  • In agriculture just like in many other areas, we must invent a new global deal.

__ Emmanuel Macron, President of France

  • If in the Church there should emerge even a single case of abuse – which already in itself represent an atrocity – that case will be faced with utmost seriousness….I am reminded of the cruel religious practice, once widespread in certain cultures, of sacrificing human beings – frequently children –in pagan rites. I make a heartfelt appeal for an all out battle against the abuse of minors both sexually and in other areas ……for we are dealing with abominable crimes that must be erased from the face of the earth.

__ Pope Francis

  • Files that could have documented the terrible deeds and named those responsible were destroyed or not even created. Instead of the perpetrators, the victims were regulated and silence imposed on them….The stipulated procedures and processes for the prosecution of offences were deliberately not complied with, but instead cancelled or over-ridden… The rights of victims were effectively trampled underfoot and left them to whims of individuals…. These are all events that sharply contradict what the church should stand for…… There are no alternatives to traceability and transparency.

__ German Cardinal Reinhard Marx

  • A muscular policy never works….no other option but reconciliation with the people.

__ Mehbooba Mufti, former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir

  • A more comprehensive version of the Orwellian nightmare took shape, quite unexpectedly, in India. Advanced technology has been at work for a while. Media manipulation and thought vigilantes became facts of life after 2014. Double think became a mark of nationalism, Newspeak the way to success. And now Big Brother has officially declared that he is watching.

__ T.J.S. George, Veteran journalist and author