THUS SPAKE………     
Thus Spake



  • I’d like to see ultimately denuclearisation of North Korea. I think that North Korea and Chairman Kim have very positive things in mind and we’ll soon find out. But I’m in no rush.

__ Donald Trump, President of USA

  • Russia will be forced to create and deploy new weapons that could be used not only against territories where a direct threat comes to us from, but also against territories where decision making centres directing the use of missile systems threatening us are located.

__ Vladimir Putin, Russian President

  • There can be no real peace as China refuses to give up use of force against Taiwan.

__ Tsai in-wo, Taiwan President

  • I ask the Holy Spirit to support us in the following days and help us to transform this evil (paedophilia) into an opportunity for awareness and purification…..May the Virgin Mary enlighten us to try to cure the serious wounds caused by the scandal of paedophilia both in children and in believers.

__ Pope Francis

  • Companies must run business by heart and not by brain because businesses can’t succeed in a society that fails. Values and trust are two important elements of a company. However, trust is low in the industry because of fake news, fraud, employment practices, sexual harassment and so on……………if you belong to the 2% rich, think about the 98% and live responsibly.”

__ Paul Polman, President, International Chamber of Commerce and past CEO of Unilever.

  • Going forward, the outlook for the food inflation is expected to be benign in the backdrop of excess domestic supply conditions in many food items. The lower prices in the international markets in food items also limit the avenues for exports to address the domestic surplus. This will be an important factor in keeping the overall inflation low.

__ Shaktikanta Das, RBI Governor

  • There may be some members of the Kashmiri community who are involved in terrorism, and they should go after them. This does not mean that the whole community should be ostracized……..It is unfortunate that people like Tathagata Roy (Governor of Meghalaya) have been appointed Governors. President Kovind should intervene in this matter. That people like him (Tathagata Roy) hold constitutional positions is a disgrace to our secular democratic ethos.

__ Naresh Gujral, SAD MP and senior leader

  • The statue of unity watches over the Governor of Meghalaya and others who seem to think that Kashmiris have no place in India.

__ P. Chidambaram, Former Finance Minister

  • Even in its dying moments, Modi government is desperate to reverse all Acts that gave people their due.

__ Sitaram Yechuri, General Secretary, CPIM

  • June 16 is very far away. We will take a call on that (playing Pakistan) much later and in consultation with the government.

__ Vinod Rai, Chief of Committee of Administrators,BCCI

  • We stand by what the country wants to do and what the BCCI decides to do. We will go by what the government and Board decide, we will respect that.

__ Virat Kohli, Indian Cricket Captain

  • Whatever happened in Pulwama last week was really sad. … It is the worst possible thing that could ever have happened. And, whatever reactions came from the people of India……….was right. There is no chance of a bilateral series with Pakistan after this incident.

__ Saurav Ganguly, former Indian Cricket Captain

  • It is only India that is going to lose by not playing against Pakistan in World Cup.

__ Sunil Gavaskar, former Indian Cricket Captain

  • India has always come up trumps against Pakistan in the World Cup. Time to beat them once again. Would personally hate to give them two points and help them in the tournament.

__ Sachin Tendulkar, former Indian Cricket Captain and Cricket Icon.

  • The sacrifice of the soldiers of CRPF won’t go in vain. This time the central government is not Congress……It is Modi’s government which will not compromise on issue of national security….The BJP government have given the answers for terrorism.

__ Amit Shah, BJP President