Thus Spake



  • We will see what happens with the Taliban. They are tired and have given up.

__ President Donald Trump

  • They are flogging a dead horse. Periodical enquiries by the PMO cannot be construed as interference.

__ Nirmala Sitharaman, Union Defence Minister on The Hindu Report ‘ MOD protested against PMO undermining Rafale negotiations’.

  • We have been saying for more than a year that the Prime minister is directly involved in the Rafale scam. It has been proven now that the watchman (Chowkidar) is the thief (Chor).

__ Rahul Gandhi, Congress President

  • Among Modi budgets IIMs saw a massive decline from Rs.1036 Cr to Rs.415.41 Cr. Allocations for “Incentives for Girl Child Secondary Education” reduced from 256 Cr. to 100 Cr. But allocation of Rs.750 crores has been made for National Cow Board.

__ Shashi Tharoor, Member of Parliament (Congress)

  • People want to know Didi, why are you afraid of the chit fund case investigation? Why are you sitting on dharna for those involved in tampering with evidence?.......this chowkidar will spare neither the perpetrators of the chit fund scams nor those protecting them.

__ Narendra Modi, PM

  • Democracy has become non-existent in West Bengal. First@mamtaofficial didn’t allow rallies of BJP in West Bengal and now she has attacked the integrity of an institution like the CBI.

__ Babul Supriyo, BJP MoS for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises

  • It seems he (Kolkata police commissioner) knows a lot of secrets. These suspicious circumstances clearly indicate that the police commissioner knows a lot.

__ Ravi Shankar Prasad, Union Law Minister

  • Mamta’s action is waging war against the country. CBI is a constitutional body….she should be lifted and put behind bars.

__ Ajit Doval, National Security Advisor

  • I think we have to oust this Modi government……we have to oust. We have to oust and we have to oust.

__ Mamata Bannerjee, West Bengal chief minister

  • The arrest of 3 persons under the draconian National Security Act for alleged cow slaughter by MP Congress government is illegal.

__ Justice Markandey Katju, Former Supreme Court Judge

  • Shocking & despicable. Congress government in MP charges people under draconian NSA for cow slaughter! Is Congress following fascist BJP government?

__ Prashant Bhushan, Senior Advocate

  • Consumers must have a choice….and interfering with their freedom is a violation of regulatory frame work.

__ R.S. Sharma, TRAI Chairman

  • The existing laws do not take religion or ethnicity into account in determining citizenship. The ‘right of birth’ is the accepted norm. If this is enlarged to include the ‘right of blood’, it will mean the acceptance of religion as a determining factor. That is precisely the BJP’s aim.

__ T.J.S. George, Veteran journalist and author

  • If claims of policy successes are not backed by field reports, people suspect the claims. No amount of data suppression can help build trust with the government’s pronouncement.

__ A.S. Pannerselvan, Readers’ Editor, The Hindu


Thought for the week

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.

__ Leo Tolstoy