Thus Spake



  • China must and will be united….which is an inevitable requirement for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese people in the new era… Different systems are not an obstacle to unification, and even less are they an excuse for separation…We make no promise to give up the use of military force and reserve the option of taking all necessary means.

_ China’s President Xi Jinping.

  • Democratic values are cherished by the Taiwanese people, it’s their way of life.

_ Taiwanese President Tsai.

  • The Trump presidency made a deep descent in December… on balance, his conduct over the last two years, particularly his actions this month is evidence that the President has not risen to the mantle of the office.

_ Senator Mitt Romney, Republican Party’s Presidential nominee in 2012.

  • Sabarimala is about tradition; talaq equality. Most Islamic countries have banned triple talaq. So it not a matter of religion or faith. Even in Pakistan triple talaq is banned. So it is a matter of gender equality, matter of social justice… keep the two separate. There are temples which have their own traditions where men can’t go. And men don’t go. In this, Sabarimala, a woman judge in the Supreme Court has made certain observations. It needs to be read minutely. There is no need to attribute it to any political party. As a woman, she has made some observations. There should be a debate on that as well sometimes.

_ Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

  • It was a credible and transparent election….but BNP’s debacle in polls was caused by their own faults and weakness. The people did not know who the opposition leader was.

_ Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

  • Chinese in Sri Lanka should respect local laws. We are receiving complaints on sign boards at Chinese projects using Mandarin and English scripts only ignoring both or one of the official languages ie., Sinhalese & Tamil…… Ministry has initiated action on this at my instructions. We can’t tolerate (sic) violations of local languages.

_ Mano Ganesan, Colombo MP and Minister National Integration,, Official Languages, Social Progress & Hindu Religious Affairs, Sri Lanka.

  • No one expects the National Democratic Alliance to force unwilling Indians into the Hindutva srait jacket in the coming year. But the fear remains that Prime Minister Modi may look the other way while Parivar bullies build temples on disputed lands and tame bureaucrats encroach on our secular liberties. Secularism is not – as is commonly thought – a concession to minority groups. It is India’s essential safeguard against Indian zealousness.

_ Sunanda K. Datta Ray, Veteran journalist, columnist and author

  • I have already ordered a global search for professionalisation of Air India completely. All top positions in Air India should be filled by some sort of a global search. That proposal is now under active consideration of the government.

_ Suresh Prabhu, Civil Aviation Minister.

  • Will no one hold PM Modi to account for the mess that J&K has become since 2014 or does the rest of the country not care?

_ Omar Abdullah, former CM of J&K and National Conference leader

  • Jaitley asked how Congress gets the figure of 1,670 Cr per aircraft. This was mentioned by him when he said total deal was for 58,000 Cr deal. When you divide this figure by 36 you get this number.

_ Rahul Gandhi, Congress President.


Thought for the Week

Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts.

_ Buddha