Thus Spake



  • We are substantially subsidising the Militaries of many VERY rich countries all over the world, while at the same these countries take total advantage of the U.S., and our Taxpayers on Trade…..General Mattis did not see this as a problem. I DO, and it is being fixed.

_ President Donald Trump

  • The decision to remove US soldiers from Syria won’t change our policy.

_ Benjamin Netanyahu on US’ troops withdrawal.

  • Today’s political landscape is such that if someone has to stay out of power even for two or five years they become restless. For some people power is oxygen... They can’t live without it.

_ Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India.

  • You can’t bring the money in your bank account with you after you die. This money isn’t something you possess forever. When you’re gone one day, you have to leave it to others to use it.

_”Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” star Chow Yunfat who vowed to donate his fortune after death on which decision he was “strongly supported” by his wife.

  • To understand why this jobs-and-wages problem may be metastasising now, one needs to understand Modi economy, and the one preceding it and why despite the promise of huge change in 2014, the situation seems worse than it may be. One answer is that Modi may have promised too much, but the more nuanced one is that Modi is not a radical reformer who can usher the kind of changes that will put the economy in a higher orbit.

_ R. Jagannathan, Editorial Director, Swarajya

  • The (SC) judgment records that a CAG report was submitted to Parliament and Public Accounts Committee. There is only one problem: no such report even exists, much less having been examined by Parliament.

_ Ranadeep Singh Surjewala, AICC Communications In charge and a Haryana MLA

  • National security and sovereignty are paramount. Life and personal liberty will survive only in a strong democratic nation.

_ Arun Jaitley, Finance Minister

  • We are pushing for it (gold policy) as we need an integrated policy. In the next few days, we will have a meeting of all concerned people to frame the policy on an expeditious basis. We are looking at all elements of gold in the policy.

_ Suresh Prabhu, Commerce and Industry Minister

  • Nitin Gadkari ji has never made us feel that he belongs to a rival party.

_ Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi

  • If united the people stand, the curse of hartals can be wiped out from God’s Own Country.

_ Kochouseph Chittilappilly, Industrialist

  • Will India get out of intolerance is the question 2018 leaves behind. The answer will come loud and clear as 2019 gets into stride.  Threat to citizens with different opinions will either become the rule of life or  thing of the past depending on how the votes go in a few months from now. We have only one India, an India of multiple faiths, multiple languages, multiple food and dress cultures - incredible India. Will the incredible retain its glory? Happy New Year is not just a greeting this year but a prayer.

_ T.J.S. George, Veteran journalist and author