NIRDPR faculty reviews media coverage of Sabarimala issue

NIRDPR faculty reviews media coverage of Sabarimala issue

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Hyderabad, May 26 : National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj (NIRDPR) faculty Dr Akanksha Shukla reviewed the media coverage of the Sabarimala issue in terms of ‘Positive,’ ‘Negative’ and ‘Neutral’ news.

With the state starting to relax the nation-wide lockdown imposed to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, religious places that remain closed now could be reopened shortly. This could result in the Sabarimala issue coming into the forefront of public attention again. The objective of this exploratory paper is to inform the public and provide a perspective about the media coverage.

In her exploratory paper titled ‘The Sabarimala Controversy: A ‘Generated’ Social Movement In Making’, Dr Akanksha Shukla, Associate Professor and Head (CDC), Center for Development Documentation and Communication (CDC), NIRDPR, conducted a media analysis of the complete one month’s online media data drawn from Indian newspapers of English language and few Hindi language newspapers as well, a statement here said on Tuesday. A customised search engine was created in google for 10 Hindi newspapers and only they were searched on the Ayyappa temple issue.

The last day of data drawn was October 25 2018. Although the controversy continues, this paper is limited in presenting the various points of views around the controversy and data analysis based on sentiment analysis of the online media.

The sentiment analysis in this paper reflected positive information of 45.9 per cent. This analysis is reflective of October 2018 and is bound to change as the clash between the individual right and religious right grows. What can be predicted at this point that the cultural dissent has ignited a social movement of a very difficult nature. It is essential, therefore, to understand the contexts in which social movements are grouped, the statement said. (UNI)