Lockdown in Telangana extends till April 15

Lockdown in Telangana extends till April 15

Agency News

Telangan Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao in a press conference said that the lockdown in the State will extend upto April 15.

The decision is said to contain the growing incidents of Coronavirus cases in the State effectively. Earlier, the Telangana Government has announced the lockdown of the State till March 31.

As part of the lockdown, all public and private transport services will be stalled. Only one per family will be allowed to go out to fetch groceries and other essential things.

It directed all the public and private entities to pay full salaries for contract and other employees that they employed for the entire duration of the lockdown period. The Secretariat staff would work in turns, in smaller chunks.

In order to take care of the poor and the needy, the State will distribute 12 kg of rice and ₹1,500 in cash to buy other groceries for each of the 87.59-lakh white card holders in the State. The State will release 3.36-lakh tonne of rice worth ₹1,103 crore and ₹1,314 crore for the cash disbursements.

Borders of the State had already been locked.