Regional parties to rehash failed front

Regional parties to rehash failed front

Agency News

Hyderabad, Feb 12 : Catalyzed by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) landslide victory in Delhi Assembly election, there is a clear possibility of regional parties like TRS, TMC, DMK, and even AAP rehashing the failed front model again, Telangana BJP Unit said on Wednesday.

BJP Chief Spokesperson K Krishna Saagar Rao, however said , BJP feels these parties have an inherent personal greed for selfish power, which can never bring them together as an electoral coalition. In a statement here, Mr Rao said if the regional parties should get together against BJP, they necessarily need a National party to galvanize them.

Congress is on the death bed and its leadership draws no respect or power to guide and lead a large coalition of Regional parties. Mr Arvind Kejriwal is not a generational politician, who can work together with the age old family political enterprises and the shrewd regional political satraps. The BJP doesn't believe a functional regional coalition or a front is possible in contemporary Indian politics, while there will surely be a fresh attempt to restart a high decibel campaign against the party nationally, Mr Rao added. (UNI)