Telangana Governor Tamilisai irks animal rights activists

Telangana Governor Tamilisai irks animal rights activists

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HYDERABAD: Animal Rights activists in Telangana raised accusing fingers against Telangana Governor Dr Tamilisai Soundararajan over a caged Palapitta bird.

A video on YouTube which has gone viral in which Governor Tamilisai and a few Raj Bhavan staff are seen posing in front of a caged Indian Roller bird (Palapitta), has evoked anger among various animal rights activists.

Palapitta is protected under the Wildlife Protection Act, and is also the State bird of Telangana. Many in Telangana believe that its sighting on Dasara is auspicious. In order to arrange this auspicious occasion, people used to capture them before the festival, clip their wings and trap them in cages, to be sold to people for Dasara.

In the video, uploaded by a local news channel, a person can be seen placing the cage on a table. He then opens the cage, and the bird comes out and falls off the table, indicating that its wings might have been clipped.

Humane Society International/India MD Alokparna Sengupta wrote to the governor seeking a response. She pointed out that the possessing, capturing and injuring the Palapitta can attract imprisonment of up to three years and a penalty of `25,000. Meanwhile, a forest official said that they can take action only if they receive a formal complaint. Prof. Sengupta said that they will submit a complaint on Friday.