RTC strike: BJP leaders seeks Guv Intervention in Telangana

RTC strike: BJP leaders seeks Guv Intervention in Telangana

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Hyderabad, Oct 11: The Telangana BJP unit on Thursday requested Governor T Soundararajan to intervene in restoring normalcy in the state, in view of large-scale hardship faced by the public due to the ongoing agitation by the RTC employees, which entered it's sixth day.

A delegation, led by state BJP President Dr K Laxman, submitted a representation to Dr Soundararajan, seeking her intervention in restoring democracy in the state and providing transport facility for over one crore people.

''In view of the large-scale hardship facing by the public and in view of the fact that 48,000 employees are stated to have been dismissed, BJP has no option, but to seek your intervention as constitutional head of the state to restore normalcy in the state,'' they said in the representation.

The RTC employees have been on strike from Saturday, demanding resolution of their long-pending demands. Though the Employees Unions had given the notice for strike two months ago, the TRS-led Telangana government has not acted upon them nor has taken any initiative to engage them in a dialogue, they alleged.

However, three days before the commencement of the strike, the government appointed committee of officials, met the RTC union leaders, but the dialogue remained inconclusive as the government did not come up with any substantive proposal, nor has given any assurance towards resolution of their problems, the BJP said in their representation.

Most of the demands of the RTC employees form part of the TRS (ruling party) promises made during the run up for the 2014 and 2018 Assembly elections, they said, adding that it is also the fact that incumbent Chief Minister of Telangana Chandrasekhara Rao (KCR) was proactive during the Telangana movement in supporting their demands.

There is no difference between the demands of the RTC employees then and now, the BJP leader said, adding that the Chief Minister was on record stating that by way of reducing government taxes, the losses of RTC could be minimised. He also demanded that RTC employees be treated at par with government employees, but the same person now is talking in a completely opposite manner. He (KCR) further taking recourse to unconstitutional, anti-democratic measures to brow-beat, frighten and intimidate employees using the brute power of police.

In view of RTC employees strike during festive season , the people in general have been facing lot of hardship. Even when there is no strike, Dussera season witnesses tremendous pressure of commuters not able to access transport and you can very well imagine the impact that the strike had left on the people.

What is surprising is that the government, instead of pursuing the striking employees and engaging them in a dialogue, chose to act in a despotic manner dismissing over 48,000 employees suo moto, they said the Chief Minister is using a strange expression ‘self-dismissal’ which is not known in any administrative system.

Further, the government, not by any official declaration but by selective leaks to the media, has mooted the proposal of partial privatization of RTC, they alleged. Even as the 48,000 families are on the road today and over one crore people are facing hardship for want of transport facilities, the government continues to be despotic and apathetic, they said.

What is baffling further is the Chief Minister himself is giving statements which are highly intimidating. Further, it is learnt that the government is going ahead with handing over the precious RTC properties to private players, the BJP leaders also alleged.(UNI)