No interest in complete privatisation of TSRTC: CM

No interest in complete privatisation of TSRTC: CM

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Hyderabad, Oct 7: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao on Monday made it clear that the state government has no interest in totally privatising the RTC and assured that the RTC as an organization would definitely stay.

The CM said it was the aim of the government to see that people should not be subjected to inconvenience and hence the government is making all measures to strengthen the RTC. Making the RTC totally private is also not a wise action. The CM also said by enforcing total discipline measures are taken to lead the RTC to profitability. A committee headed by Transport Principal Secretary Sunil Sharma has submitted proposals on the RTC to the CM.

These proposals are discussed at length at a review meeting held here on Monday at Pragati Bhavan under the chairmanship of Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao, an official statement here said tonight. ''As on date the RTC has 10,400 buses. Divided them into three categories and utilize them. Of this, 50 per cent buses, i.e., 5200 belong to the RTC and they will be under RTC. 30 per cent of the buses, i.e. 3100 buses were taken on hire and they also should be run under the RTC supervision and administration. They also should be kept at the RTC depots. Another 20 percent of the buses, i.e., 2100 belong totally to the private and they will be allowed to ply as the State Carriages. These buses should also be used as the Palle Velugu buses.'', Mr Rao said.

Asserting that buses taken on hire and the stage carriage buses should also run on city routes as well as in the other routes, he said that both RTC and private charges will be uniform and will be under the RTC control. It is only when RTC hikes the charges; charges of these buses will also be increased. For a small hike in the ticket prices, it should be done with the approval of the RTC when the need arises. As on date, RTC is running 21 per cent hired buses. This means, the RTC has to take additionally 9 per cent more buses and this means RTC will get 9 per cent more buses.

''The main reason for taking up all the measures is RTC Union’s over action. They have cut the branch of a tree on which they were sitting on. All these measures are taken due to the 40 years of bulldozing. The RTC unions, which went on strike during the TDP and Congress regimes, have resorted to strike even under the TRS rule. There is no difference in their over action whichever government was in power. These unions will not give any freehand to the management to take stringent measures. In any case, the government’s aim is not to cause inconvenience to the people. For students, this is the examination time. The government wants nobody should suffer. It is ridiculous to say that the agitation will be intensified. From the point of view of the government and RTC, the employees are only 1200. There is no need for the government to dismiss others. Nobody dismissed anybody. They left all by themselves. As they did not report to duties before the expiry of the deadline, they have self-dismissed themselves. They did not respond to the appeals made by the government and RTC. I have asked the DGP to form special teams to prevent RTC employees who left the organization from creating disturbances at the Bus depots or Bus stations. The DGP would take an appropriate action against anyone except the 1200,” the CM added. (UNI)