Rejection of marriage proposals by brides leads constable to quit his job

Rejection of marriage proposals by brides leads constable to quit his job

Agency News

Hyderabad, Sep 13: A 29-year-old constable working at Charminar police station in the city, who submitted his resignation a couple of days ago by claiming that he was highly disturbed and depressed about his job working hours besides rejection of his marriage proposals by prospective brides.

In his resignation letter addressed to Hyderabad City Police commissioner, Siddanthi Prathap, who joined the police department as a constable in 2014, was always interested in joining the department, but recently decided to resign from his post mainly after being rejected by prospective brides stating the service have long working hours, with very few benefits and opportunities to get promotion.

The constable, who was on Ganesh idol immersion bando bust duty at Charminar on Thursday, said the senior officials were yet to respond to his resignation. Hence, he is still continuing his duty.

In his letter, Pratap, who completed his graduation in Engineering, also said ‘ I joined the police department and performing duties with utmost appreciation from the higher officials.

He claimed that recently a woman rejected his marriage proposal because of his long working hours which sometimes went up to 24 hours.

Lack of growth was one of the reasons that made him want to quit the job, he said that while a sub-inspector or a high-rank gets benefits and promotions, but a constable stays in the same post for years.

“I have been observing my senior constables, who retired from service as constables after serving for 30 to 40 years without any promotions in the job, however, senior officers are given promotions and other source of benefits'', he also stated in his letter. (UNI)