Telangana police seizes foreign cigarettes worth Rs 2 lakhs

Telangana police seizes foreign cigarettes worth Rs 2 lakhs

Agency News

Hyderabad,, Aug 19: The Central Zone task force team has arrested a shop owner and seized banned cigarette packets worth Rs two lakhs from his possession here, a statement said. On credible information on Saturday, the sleuths of Commissioner’s Task Force, Central Zone team along with local police raided one shop styled as ‘Priya Novelties’ located at Feelkahana near Begum Bazaar area in the city and apprehended Mangilal Jain, who was illegally procuring banned Paris, Win, Mond and many other banned foreign cigarettes, Deputy Commissioner of Police, P Radha Kishan Rao said.

''Seized 5,380 packets of banned foreign cigarette packets each packet contains 20 cigarettes and five cartons of ''Twice A Day'' Cigarette Roller and one cell phone'', he further said. The material was being received from Delhi, UP and Kolkata through Railway Transport and procuring banned Paris cigarettes and supply the same to the local traders in Hyderabad. Paris and other banned foreign cigarettes suspected to be coming from Bangladesh via Kolkata on train.

Smuggling foreign cigarettes was lucrative business to black marketers to make a huge profit as they avoid customs duty. The margin involved in smuggling of cigarettes was almost 100 per cent while Paris and many other foreign cigarettes brands were cheap and which were available for low price, act as a replacement to beedis in India. Many foreign cigarettes contain a very high content of tobacco dust which was especially injurious to health. Police suspect several other racketeers operating from Begum Bazar and other areas in Hyderabad. UNI