BJP workers stage protest against TIME Magazine story

BJP workers stage protest against TIME Magazine story

Agency News

Hyderabad, May 17: BJP leaders and workers besides citizens have registered a strong protest here on Friday against the conspiracy unleashed by the TIME Magazine on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

On May 9, the Magazine has published an article” Narendra Modi- The great divider” with a tagline that said “ Can the world’s largest democracy endure another five years of a Modi Government?”. Taking serious objection to this vicious article, BJP Telangana unit had initiated a country-wide protest condemning the TIME Magazine cover story conspiracy.

As a mark of protest, the protestors tear and torched the TIME Magazines in the city.  Addressing a press conference, BJP National Manifesto Sub-Committee Member Ms Karuna Gopal strongly condemned the magazine for its malicious intent, its timing and its scant respect for the largest democracy of the world. We have received support from thousands of citizens across the country to expose their bias and take them to court, she said, adding, ‘My next step will be filing a PIL un Supreme Court against the magazine'.

This article written by Aatish Taseer, a UK resident born to a Pakistani Muslim is completely biased against India and Mr Modi, she alleged and said that the author maligned the Prime Minister by saying he is a communal bigot and a diver of India. The contents are vicious and present a false picture on how the nation is being shaped under Mr Modi, she said this negative article is meant to create communal tensions.

As India is in the middle of Lok Sabha election where 900 million voters are set to elect the next government, the timing of this article believe is to influence the electoral outcome, she maintained. Ms Karuna said “ let me debunk each of the claims made by the author with facts. The author says Mr Modi is India’s great divider but I would say Modi is actually India’s great Integrator, a Great Harmonizer and the great unifier, she said.

Highlighting the “ ACT EAST POLICY’ initiated by Mr Modi for development of 8 North Eastern states, which called as “ Ashta Lakshmis’ the 8 goddesses of prosperity, she said the projects that were initiated in NE states and never competed by UPA were completed by Mr Modi.

Defending the Prime Minister as a Unifier, she said take any scheme of Modi, including Jandhan Yojana, Mudra loans, Ujjawala scheme, Housing for all, Ayushman Bharat and Swachh Bharat. None of these schemes differentiated between Muslims, Hindus and other Minorities.

Lakhs of Muslims, Christians, Dalits have benefitted from these schemes, Ms Karuna said that can anyone dare say that only Hindus were given houses, loans and toilets.

All the International awards showered on MR Modi especially by Muslim countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia and Christian countries like USA, France is a testimony to his religious tolerance. It is under Modi the country’s GDP is growing, she claimed.

When countries applaud his (Modi) approach and ways, these third grade authors and US publication is bent upon to insult the PM of the largest democracy, Ms Gopal said that we have received support from thousands of citizens across the country to expose their dias and take them to court.

'We want to show to the world how PM Modi is being in fact perceived today – As India’s greatest Integrator, Harmonizer and Unifier”, she added.