AI is scripting paradigm shift in Indian ICT landscape: Anup Wadhawan

AI is scripting paradigm shift in Indian ICT landscape: Anup Wadhawan

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Hyderabad, Feb 4 : The sweeping digital revolution taking place in India would create a lot of capacities in the frontier technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IOTs), Robotics, genome etc that would help India to maintain its global ICT leadership, Dr Anup Wadhawan, Secretary, Commerce, Government of India, said.

In his keynote address at the two-day Indiasoft 2019 organised by Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council (ESC) at HICC here on Monday, Dr Wadhawan said, “ Cutting edge technologies coupled with accelerated penetration of mobile telephony is scripting paradigm shift in how Indians do business, toning up our governance structure, delivery of justice and importantly the ICT export composition from the country.”

Developing world, particularly can take advantage of these radical changes to leapfrog their IT penetration from low-end scale to the cutting edge level, taking advantage of India’s capabilities and intellectual capital, he added.

Lauding Hyderabad’s contribution to IT and technology, the Commerce Secretary said that it could share the ubiquitous title of Silicon Valley of India along with Bengaluru, in view of the great strides being made by the State of Telengana in attracting global companies for setting up their R&D divisions and in proliferating incubators, which are evolving cutting edge products and solutions.

Dr Wadhawan said that very soon 60 per cent of India’s GDP would have to do something with artificial intelligence, robotics and IOTs and India, which is already third in the pecking order of intellectual capital in AI, would considerably expand the profile by 2021.

The positive spin-offs of the IT revolution would peak by 2030. At that time India would have multitudes of entrepreneurs, startups and a huge capacity built up in the emerging landscape of embedded technology, blending hardware and software. Importantly, all types of products –from low end to high end-will be made available by Indian entrepreneurs at affordable cost, which cannot be sourced from anywhere in the world, Dr Wadhawan said.(UNI)