Make energy conservation mandatory for high rise buildings: Guv

Make energy conservation mandatory for high rise buildings: Guv

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Hyderabad, Dec 20: Governor of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, ESL Narasimhan on Thursday said that Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) should make installation of solar plants and generation of non-conventional energy mandatory for permission to multi-storied residential and commercial complexes in the city.

Addressing at the Telangana State Energy Conservation Awards - 2018, programme being organised by the Telangana State Renewable Energy Development Corporation here, Narasimhan said costs of solar panels have come down now and became less expensive and over a period of time the costs get covered.

The Governor said GHMC should pioneer this effort to be followed up by other Metropolitan cities later on and Municipal authorities should ensure that at least part of the multi storied complex are covered by solar energy and otherwise clearances should not be given.

The Governor said even the existing high rise complexes should be told to install solar power plants and said drastic measures are necessary to ensure this as power saved can then be utilised for development purpose.

He also said even farmers should be persuaded to go for smaller solar energy driven motor pumps.

Governor said Raj Bhavan was one of the first institutions in Telangana which instituted solar energy and today Raj Bhavan is hundred per cent on solar energy.

Governor said it is high time to switch over to solar energy as thermal energy and hydel energy are not going to last forever.

Purchasing power is very expensive and money saved due to generation of solar power can be utilised for other development purposes, he said power charges should also be collected on a regular basis.

The Governor said Telangana is one of the most forward looking states in terms of renewal energy and said it should be improved further and the state is completely on solar power.

On this occasion, Governor presented awards to institutions under various categories for conservation of energy and adoption of renewable energy.

Raj Bhavan has been given the award for implementation of energy conservation and energy efficiency programmes under 'Government Buildings' category.

Telangana Government Special Chief Secretary (Energy) Ajay Misra, and TSGENCO and TSTRANSCO Chairman and Managing Director Prabhakar Rao have also participated in the programme. (UNI)