TN plans to resume bus, metro train services after May 17
Tamil Nadu

TN plans to resume bus, metro train services after May 17


The Tamil Nadu Government, despite ever increasing Covid cases, has decided to take all steps to bring life to new normal by planning restoration of bus and train services, allowing more and more shops and establishments to function and even opening places of places of worship after May 17, when the third phase of lockdown comes to an end.

The plan is to run buses with 25 passengers and 10 standees in each bus in cities and towns. The railways in coordination with the State Government, also plans to run a mass rapid transport(MRTS) system, as well as the more elitist metro trains.

While the MRTS and the regular electrical trains will be allowed to carry only 50 passengers per coach, the metros can carry 160 passengers, it is learnt

The new thinking of the Central and State Governments is that life has to go on , economic activities should be resumed in stages and people should learn to live with the virus.

In line with the Centre’s strategy, the Tamil Nadu Government has already allowed a range of shops and establishments to function from Monday. Also allowed are two-wheeler and three-wheeler sales and service showrooms.

Hyundai on the outskirts of Chennai started production from Sunday. Other units in the automotive hub in Sriperumbudur and Oragadam are also expected to resume soon.

To cater to the common man, the Government has allowed tea stalls, hotels and bakeries to function. You can have your cup of tea, but buns and biscuits you have to pack and take.

The Government has also allowed shops selling groceries, vegetables and fruits as well as shops dealing in electrical and electronic goods and home appliances like television from Monday. Also allowed are shops selling and repairing mixie and grinder.

Besides, the government has also permitted hardware and sanitary equipment stores, construction equipment stores and repair stores, household appliance shops, mechanic and motor shops, opticians and repair units, small jewellery stores and small clothing and textile stores in rural areas (without air-conditioning), petty shops, furniture marts and roadside pushcart vendors.

Also resumed are courier and parcel service, lorry booking, xerox shops, traditional medicine shops,farm equipment and pesticide shops, nurseries, dry cleaners, plywood stores and saw mills.

However, you can’t have a hair cut or nail filed or polished. Strictly banned are hair cutting saloons and beauty parlours.

One man’s loss is another’s gain. Electrical appliances stores have seen a rise in sale of trimmers, which can be used not only to trim your beard but also your hair, made popular by cricket star Virat Kohli.

All that is fine. But the aam aadmi can't say three cheers to the easing of curbs as liquor shops remain shut, caught in litigation in courts.