Coimbatore couple on Nile cruise test negative
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Coimbatore couple on Nile cruise test negative


A couple from Coimbatore, Vanitha and Rangarajan, stranded on a cruise ship on a Nile ship”A Sera” now docked at Luxor in Egypt, have tested negative for Corona virus but are still in the ship, according to their daughter .

Saranya Rangarajan told reporters in Coimbatore that she had been told by the Indian Embassy in Cairo that they had to be in quanrantine for two weeks as per the WHO protocol.

She said she requested the embassy to ensure that all those on board, who are in the 60s, be provide three meals a day. She said the ship was like a hospital and quanrantined passengers were not allowed to come out of their rooms even to take a stroll on the desk.

Of the 171 passengers, including 18 Indians, as many as 33 tested for Corona virus and they have either been shifted to hospital or isolated in the ship.

“The room in which my parents are staying has no TV and no other entertainment”,Saranya said.

Meanwhile, Tamil Nadu Health Minister C Vijayabhaskar has said that the first man from Tamil Nadu to test positive has since recovered and his condition is stable.

The 45-yar-old man, a construction supervisor in Doha, reached Chennai last week, As he was asymptomatic, he was allowed to go home. Later he had fever and cough and was admitted to Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital . Blood samples sent to Pune Institute Virology confirmed he had got the virus.

Vijayabhaskar said he was given symptomatic treatment, that is treatment for fever and cough. He has no fever and his condition is stable, the Minister.

Likewise, an engineer, his wife and teenage were admitted to GH upon their return from Texas. While the engineer has been isolated as he has tested positive, his wife and son have been found free from the virus.

He said he was now out of danger, though he got depressed after he was put in isolation ward.

The Minister said keeping track arriving passengers and their contacts was a real challenge.