Four child rapists condemned to die in jail
Tamil Nadu

Four child rapists condemned to die in jail


A special court dealing with Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act on Monday condemned four men found guilty of serial rape of a school girl in a gated community in Chennai to die in jail .

The court awarded regular life imprisonment to another convict. These four condemned to spend the rest of their life in jail are among the 17 who were arrested after the serial rape came to light in July 2018. One died during the trial. The judge acquitted gardener Gunasekharan .

Of the remaining 15, special judge R N Manjula awarded life sentence till their entire life span for four main accusded. She awarded normal life term to another rapist. As for the 10 others, she awarded seven years rigorous imprisonment to one and five years to nine others.

The four condemned to die in jail is lift operator R Ravi Kumar (56) whom the girl identified as the first to rape her, and his friends in crime Suresh (32), , Abishekh and Palani.

Fifth convict Rajasekharan was given regular life term which rarely exceeds 14 years and which will entitle the prisoner to seek remission on the basis of good conduct.

One convict Errol Praas was awarded seven years RI. Remaining nine were given five years RS each. The survivor, a hearing impaired girl, was subjected to sexual assault by a lift-man and his accomplices in the residential complex in which she stayed. The incident came to light after the victim complained to her sister.

The survivor's mother lodged a complaint with the Ayanavaram All Women's police station on July 16. She alleged that her daughter was sexually assaulted by several men multiple times, between January 15 and July 5 in 2018. The girl was abused in the servants quarters, parking lot and gym.

The main judgment as well as sentencing was handed down in closed court by the judge. Until the details are known, it is safe to infer that the convicts have each been given punishments proportionate to his role in the crime.

Defence counsel told reporters that they would go in appeal to the High Court.