Stalin hails Kerala resolution against CAA
Tamil Nadu

Stalin hails Kerala resolution against CAA


The DMK president and Leader of the Opposition in Tamil Nadu M K Stalin on Tuesday hailed the resolution adopted by the Kerala Assembly calling for the scrapping of the Citizenship Amendment Act and urged other states, including Tamil Nadu, to follow its example.

In a statement, Stalin said the Tamil Nadu Assembly, which is meeting on Jan 6, should adopt a similar resolution. He cited countrywide agitations against the two measures which he said sought to divide people on religious lines .

Stalin’s demand to the Tamil Nadu Assembly is only for the record as he has also berated the AIADMK MPs for having backed the CAB in the Rajya Sabha where the BJP does not have the majority. He has said that for the AIADMK’s support, the bill would not have become law.

He also tweeted his welcome to the Kerala Assembly resolution.

Unlike in Kerala, where the LDF and the UDF have come together to oppose the CAA and the NRs, the DMK and the AIADMK are bitter rivals. The DMK is leading the front against the BJP while the AIADMK is supporting not just the controversial citizenship act, but all measures of the Modi Government.

The other parties have also aligned with either of the two poles.