Media has blown up Rajini’s casual remark, says DMDK
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Media has blown up Rajini’s casual remark, says DMDK

S Murari

Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam( DMDK) treasurer Premlatha Vijayakanth said on Sunday that a news hungry media had blown out of proportion a casual remark by super star Rajnikanth that he would wish to work together with his contemporary and Makkal Needhi Maiam leader Kamal Hasaan in politics.

Talking to reporters at Madurai, she said television channels had a sense of proportion when they had only half-hour news bulletins once or twice a day. With the advent of 24-hour television channels, the news-starved media sensationalise “casual comments” of popular actor like Rajinikanth, she said.

It was indeed a casual remark made by Rajinikanth at a function in which he shared the dais with Kamal Haasan. The suggestion that the two should work together in politics came from senior producer director S A Chandrasekhar, who is grooming his popular star son Vijay in politics, that the two major stars should work together in the interest of Tamil Nadu. He also said facetiously that the two seniors should hold the rein till the younger generation leaders like his son Vijay were ready to take over.

Responding to this, Rajini naturally said if necessary, he would work with Kamal Hasaan. Kamal out of politeness said he would also consider working with Rajini when the need arises and if it is in the interests of Tamil Nadu. “ It’s a big when and a big If”, he emphasized.

Kamal claims to be left leaning self-proclaimed atheist while Rajini is close to BJP and he swears by “spiritual politics”by which he says means good governance. He has also given a gratuitous advice that God-fearing persons would do good to the people

While Kamal has at least launched his political party Makkal Needhi Maiam, Rajani has said he will enter politics only ahead of the next elections to the Tamil Nadu Assembly due by April 2021.

Just as Kamal assured his fans and supporters that he will not lose his identity by going with Rajini, the super star has also said that he will continue to act in film ”as MGR did”.

MGR was associated with DMK for 20 years before he launched his AIADMK in 1972 after differences with DMK chief M Karunanidhi. It took him another five years to become Chief Minister in 1977. Till then, he continued to act in films.

Lest he should be misunderstood that he wants to enter politics with the sole aim of becoming Chief Minister by citing MGR parallel, Rajini has said he would try to good governance as MGR did if voted to power.

Rajini has said no one can take the place of MGR who “was an avatar purush”. He has lamented that every comment he makes is misinterpreted. By praising MGR, he cleared the air: “I am not trying to woo the vote bank of MGR and Jayalalitha”.

He has clarified that by leadership vacuum, he has meant that no one has the stature to fill the gap left by MGR or Jayalalitha from AIADMK and DMK’s five time Chief Minister M Karunanidhi.

Answering critics as to how he can measure up to the stature of these leaders merely on the basis of his film popularity, Rajini has said he will strive to give good governance by appointing experts in different fields as his advisers.

Neither of these two actors has drawn any lesson from Premalatha’s husband Vijayakanth who was once a popular star and who entered politics in mid-2000s. He rose to be leader of the opposition thanks to alliance with Jayalalitha only to be cut to size later. Now he is ailing and the party is in a limbo.