Rajini, Kamal 
Rajini, Kamal 
Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu politics turns hot after Rajini- Kamal alliance rumour

Agency News

Tamil Nadu politics has turned hot after a possible alliance between two megastars of Kollywood- Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan for the next 2021 Assembly elections.

Both Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan have indicated their willingness to work together politically, triggering speculation that they could become a strong third force which is enough to overturn the tradition DMK, AIADMK bastions.

First shot came from Kamal Haasan , who was on his way home after receiving an honorary doctorate from Odisha, said: "Rajini and I will travel together if there is a need for Tamil Nadu's development. If there is a need for travelling together we will tell. Now, work is important. We can talk about our policies later. We are together for 43 years, we joining together is no miracle".

An hour later at the same airport, Rajinikanth on his way to Goa, gave his response to Kamal Haasan's comments: "If there is a situation that requires for the development of the Tamil people, I would join hands with Kamal Haasan". Even on Sunday, at a function celebrating Kamal Haasan's 60-year journey in cinema, Rajinikanth had hinted at working together.

Taking a dig at Chief Minister E Palaniswami of the AIADMK, who has managed to save his position despite initial uncertainty, Rajinikanth said: "So, miracles will happen. It happened yesterday, it is happening today and it will happen tomorrow".

Two megastars’ of Tamil Nadu had already given headache to both DMK and AIADMK, the two major Dravidian political forces of Tamil Nadu. AIADMK spokesperson Babu Murugavel, reacting sharply to Rajinikanth's swipe, said: "Palaniswami worked for the party for nearly 45 years and has grown steadily to reach this level. Rajinkanth has made these remarks as an actor. If he has to say something (on such matters), he has to start his own movement. Time will tell whether that organisation will create miracles."