SC confirms death for child rapist- killer
Tamil Nadu

SC confirms death for child rapist- killer


The Supreme Court on Thursday reconfirmed a death sentence awarded to a man who raped and killed a school girl and her kid brother in Coimbatore 2010.

A three-judge bench by two to one rejected the petition of condemned prisoner Manoharan. While Justices Nariman and Suryakanth reconfirmed the death sentence awarded by the Madras High Court, third judge Sanjay Khanna said double life sentence given by a Mahila court in Coimbatore would meet ends of justice.

Manoharan and his accomplice Mohan Raj, a call taxi driver, lured 11-year-old school girl Muskin and her kid brother Riddick(10) by offering to drop them in their school. They raped and killed the girl. To silence the only witness, they later killed her brother also.

The killers then dumped the bodies into the Parambikulam-Aliyar canal near Pollachi. The bodies were recovered days later with hands tied and in a highly decomposed stage. The children were from a North Indian business family settled in Coimbatore.

The incident caused such an outrage that the police quickly arrested the two criminals.

Mohan Raj was killed in an encounter case after the two were arrested. A mahila court awarded double life imprisonment to Manoharan on Nov 1, 2012. The Madras High Court enhanced it to death on March 24, 2014. When Manoharan went in appeal, the apex court took it up for hearing in December 2016. Finally in August 1, 2018, the apex court confirmed the death sentence.

As a last resort, Manoharan filed a review petition which the Supreme Court rejected on Thursday. The only option left is clemency petition to the Governor.

The people of Coimbatore felt justice, though delayed, has been done. They said there should not be any more delay in executing Manoharan.