Rs 93 cr IT haul from Kalki ashram
Tamil Nadu

Rs 93 cr IT haul from Kalki ashram

S Murari

The Income-Tax Department has said that its officials have recovered Rs. 93 crore cash and undisclosed income of Rs 500 crore from over 40 premises of self-styled godman Kalki .

Searches were conducted on the properties of the godman and his son Krishnaji in Varadaiahpalem in Chittoor as well in Hyderabad and Bengaluru and Chennai. An IT spokesman said officials have seized Rs 43.9 crore in cash, foreign cash totaling 2.5 million US dollars equivalent to Rs 18 crore, 88 kg of gold jewels valued at Rs 26 crore and diamond ornaments of 1,271 carats valued at Rs 5 crore.

The officials also found evidence of black money of Rs 409 crore from sale of properties. The ashram had invested in several firms in US, China, Singapore and UAE. It had also parked its funds in offshore tax havens.

Evidence also was found that the ashram received payments in cash from foreign clients in foreign currencies and they were exchanged in the grey market.

The office of the Kalki Ashram, commenting on tax raids in the past three days, has in a statement said:”Bhagwad Dharma respects our nation’s law and if government finds any activity is not as per law, and then we will abide by the Government and face legally”.

It said: “Our programmes are being conducted in Nemam, Ekam. Satyaloka and Natham and we would like all devotees to participate in it”.