IT men seize Rs 33 crore from  Kalki ashram
Tamil Nadu

IT men seize Rs 33 crore from Kalki ashram

S Murari

Income-tax officials have recovered unaccounted money amounting to Rs 33 crore in cash, including nine crore rupees given in US dollars by foreign devotees, in simultaneous raids on self-styled Kalki Bhagwan's ashram in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telengana as well as Karnataka in the last two days.

The officials have also recovered documents showing purchase of acres of land in these States besides investment in several firms in the name of not only Kalki Ashram but also in other names like Ekam Spiritual Centre.

The raids were conducted in Nemam in Tamil Nadua as well as in the main ashram at Battalavalam in Varadapalayam in Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh on Wednesday. The officials split into five groups and searched various parts of ashram and campuses of the Oneness University founded by Kalki and questioned the chief executive officer Lokesh Dasaji at Battalavalam. They also raided the offices and houses of Krishna Dasaji, a son of Kalki and founder of the Ekam Spiritual Centre of the Kalki Ashram in Chennai as well as the Film Nagar in Hyderabad .

The raids followed complaints from locals about financial irregularities in the ashram, especially misuse of foreign funds. Vijay Kumar Naidu, later known as ‘Kalki’ was a clerk with the Life Insurance Corporation in 1971, before joining the J. Krishnamurthy Foundation in the 1980s there he was expelled from there. He thereafter set up his own trust.

By 1989, he developed a cult following by claiming to be an avatar of Vishnu and that he had supernatural powers, promising salvation to followers.