Burglars decamp with jewels worth Rs over 40 Cr.
Tamil Nadu

Burglars decamp with jewels worth Rs over 40 Cr.


Two burglars broke into a famous jewel showroom in Tiruchi in the early hours of Wednesday and decamped with jewels worth Rs 40 to 50 crore, police reported.

Images caught on CCTV camera showed the two in trousers and jerkhins, their faces masked and head covered and wearing gloves collecting all the jewels kept in showcases on the ground floor of the three-storey showroom of Lalitha Jewellery in busy Chatram bus stand area.

As the showroom faces the bus stand, the burglars gained entry by breaking real entrance wall after the shop was shut for the day at 11 pm. This is the first such major heist in Tiruchi though similar jewel thefts have taken place in Tamil Nadu in the last few years.

Police suspect the burglars could be from the same north Indian gang which carried a similar mult-crore jewel theft in Tirupur in 2012.The burglars were eventually caught in Hoshangabad in Madhya Pradesh by the local police.

Investigation revealed that the burglars after the break-in, took public transport, like bus and autos, escaped to neighbouring Kerala and from there, took , mainly short-distance, trans to avoid detection.

As Tiruchi is a major railway junction, the police are checking about trains which passed through it in the early hours of Wednesday.

Police also suspect that the burglary could not have happened without inside information by employees of Lalitha Jewellery. They are checking if any employee from north India had recently joined the showroom.