Popular Publishing House enters 100th year
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Popular Publishing House enters 100th year

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Chennai, Sep 22 : In an era where people get any information by the click
of a mouse and the rapidly changing technology, serving the Tamil literary world
by running a publishing house for 100 years is not an easy task. Into its fifth generation, the South India Saiva Siddhanta Works Publishing Society
(TSISSWPS) on Sunday entered its 100th year.

To mark this accomplishment, the publishing House, as a first step of celebrating
the centenary fete, today launched its website www.chennaibookstore.com and
an Android App.

Talking to UNI, TSISSWPS Managing Director Subbiah Muthukumaraswamy said
the launch of website and the Android App would benefit the people of Tamil Nadu
and Tamils all over the world.

He said to mark this occasion, the city based-publishing house would offer a special
discount of 20 per cent for all books for the next three months, besides offering the
2,100 page 'Sivagnana Sithithiar Subakkam' (Saiva Siddantha Philosophies)--one of
the 14 volumes of Sastram--at a special price of Rs 500 for three months.
He said the book's original price was Rs 1,890.

The Publishing House was started this day in 1920 by Thiruvarangam Pillai and Subbiah Pillai, who is his grandfather, and the family has been running it continuously.
Recollecting the journey, he said the House has so far published 2,950 titles and has
reprinted 700 titles, besides couplet Thirukkural, composed by Saint Poet Thiruvalluvar,

Tamil Agarathigal (dictionaries), children stories among others.He said their most famous 'Thirukkural Thelivurai' (prose) has sold a record 15 lakh copies and 'Kazhaga Tamil Agarathi' five lakh copies by the House.

Mr Muthukumaraswamy said Tamil has continuity of literature for over 2,000 years. There were 10 idylls, eight anthologies and 18 shorter works that go by the name of 'Pathupattu', 'Ettu Thogai' and 'Pathinen Kizhkanakku' respectively. 'Tolkappiyam, the earlier grammatical work Silappathigaram, Manimegalai, Valayapathi, Seevaka Chintamani and Kundalakesi, Aimperumkappiyam works have also been brought
with the commentary by the publishing House. 'Today, we have entered the 100th year. We will be completing the centenary next year', he said, adding, the publishing house has lined up several programmes to mark this fete.(UNI)