Set up a museum at Keezhadi, Stalin tells Centre
Tamil Nadu

Set up a museum at Keezhadi, Stalin tells Centre


Haling the archeological finds at Keezhadi showing Tamil culture is  2,600 years old like the Indus Valley Civilisation, DMK president M K Stalin has urged the Centre to  declare the excavation site near Madurai as a protected monument and set up an international museum to showcase the artefacts unearthed there.

In a statement, Stalin has also said the museum should be like the one Centre plans to set up at Vaad Nagar in Gujarat. He also said a southern zonal office of the archeology department should be set up at Madurai to carry forward the excavation work.

He complimented Tamil Culture Minister Ma Fai Pandiarajan, Culture Secretary T Udhayachandran and Marxist MP from Madurai and writer Su Venkatasan who created national awareness about the Keezhadi findings made in the last few years.

State CPM secretary R Balakrishnan also said the Keezhadi excavation work should be carried forward.

Su Venkatasan said the Archeological Survey of India, which abandoned  it after initial excavation, should work together with the Tamil Nadu Archeological Department at Keezhadi.

He said the report released by the State Archeological Department on the fourth phase of work disproved the ASI’s earlier decision to abandon the project.

Terming the findings as a milestone, Venkatesan said it they prove Tamil is one of the oldest languages in the world. Similarities in Tamil/Brahmi and Indus scripts “are new keys to rewrite Tamil history”, he said.