TN says ‘No’ to Amit Shah’s Hindi push
Tamil Nadu

TN says ‘No’ to Amit Shah’s Hindi push

S Murari

Tamil Nadu has rejected Home Minister Amit Shah’s call at Hindi Niwas function in New Delhi to promote Hindi along with mother-tongue across the country.

The AIADMK Government which normally toes the Modi Government’s line, including its recent decision to introduce public examinations in Class V and VIII, has however said it will stick to the two-language formula and  Hindi will have no place in the State.

Shah’s call has met with fierce resistance with DMK, the DK and the MDMK besides Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi. School Education Minister K A Sengottayan said on Saturday that the State Government would continue with the two-language formula wherein mother and English would be the medium of instruction in schools.

Fisheries Minister D A Jayakumar, who was with Sengottayan, told reporters that the Dravidian parties had been resisting Hindi imposition since the days of DMK founder C N Annadurai and it had been followed by the AIADMK leaders MGR and Jayalalitha. There would no deviation from this policy, he said.

The DMK president M K Stalin said Shah’s views were unacceptable. He said the DMK executive would meet soon to formulate a response to this new move. He said India’s strength was unity in diversity and the Modi Government was trying to undermine it.

Asking Prime Minister Narendra to clarify whether Shah reflected the Government’s thinking, Stalin warned that any attempt to impose Hindi on non-Hindi speaking people would lead to another language war like the 1965 anti-Hindi agitation which brought the DMK to power in Tamil Nadu,

Dravidian Party president K A Veeramani said any move to make Hindi the sole national language would threaten the country’s integrity. He said it was also against the Constitution as it has recognised 21 languages as national languages.

He said India was a multi-lingual, multi-cultural nation and it should follow the example of Singapore, Switzerland and Canada where all major languages given equal importance.

Singapore has Chinese, Malay and Tamil as official languages, Canada French and English and Switzerland has German, French, Italian, Romansh.

Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi leader Thol Thirumavalavan said the Modi Government was following the Sangh Parivar’s policy to promote Hindi, Hindu and Hindutva.